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As an entrepreneur, you continually learn and grow, but your increase of knowledge must never stop. If you understand what I'm saying, then you have successfully grasped the concept of being a cup -- a cup that retains information and knowledge and learns from the successes and failures of others. 

It's important to stay on top of your game and be the expert in your industry. 

One of the more popular ways to soak up information is by attending conferences and events held around the country and online. 

Not only are these events perfect for building your knowledge, but they are also a great way to establish new relationships with like-minded individuals, which can further your own business in the future. 

While it's impossible to go to them all, here are 10 value-packed events entrepreneurs should consider attending in 2018. 

An Unconventional Life Event is one of the most talked about and exciting events you will attend this year. This event is unique, because it helps you overcome one of your most significant obstacles in business: you. What you might not know about yourself could scare you to death. 

When you realize the areas you need to work on to create success, you begin to understand that it's not all about marketing strategies and growing follower counts; it's also about your inner self and how it can make or break your business.

You will learn from experts who have been there and done that and walked away successful. Love a great failure story? There are those, too, showing how you can learn from the failures of others and what you can do to never make those same mistakes. The Unconventional Life Events span the globe, and you're sure to find the perfect one for you. Read More...
By 2019, it’s said video will account for 80% of all online traffic. Each day, we watch 500 million hours of video on YouTube alone.

And more than 500 million people watch videos on Facebook every single day!

Video is everywhere, and with the launch of IGTV (which lets you upload long-form videos to Instagram), I don’t see any of these numbers going down.

Personally, I love this!

I love how easy it is to create and share content and develop relationships with my audience no matter where I go in the world. But there is a problem, and it’s something I’ve noticed both for me and our clients over the last couple of years.

Creating content is easy, but making sure A LOT of people view it… that’s another thing.

I recently met up with my friend Wayne Reilly, who manages the social media accounts for some of the largest artists on the planet. When it comes to creating viral content, Wayne knows all there is.

After we talked about how to create viral videos in the future, these are the 8 tips we came up with…

1: Be Original

When it comes to creating a viral video on Facebook (and on pretty much any other platform), originality is the most important thing.

You can take inspiration from other people, but as soon as you find yourself trying to be like someone else, you’ve failed.

Be original, and create something that doesn’t yet exist. Read More...
I can’t count the amount of times I have gone to events and passed out business cards. Despite wanting to network I never found myself getting real followup from people or actually making real connections or opportunities.

It wasn’t until I adopted a “no card” policy for myself where I decided I would stop representing myself with a 4x2 piece of paper and instead send them to engage with my free content that I started seeing traction.

Here’s why business cards don’t work—today’s consumers are smarter than ever before. 81% of consumers do online research before making a purchase, comparing an average of five competitors for 79 days before they buy.

If there isn’t an easy and quick way for them to get to know you, you will be forgotten.

This week on the Unconventional Life Podcast, I spoke to one woman who has mastered the art of introductions by using her video content to create an impressive client portfolio.

Meet Taryn Southern, a digital strategy consultant with 500k YouTube subscribers and 700M+ video views. She’s also a former TV host and producer for shows on MTV, Vh1, Discovery Channel, and Sirius XM, and an active advisor to the YouTube Creator Board, where she provides critical feedback for Google product teams.

Southern says the success of her YouTube channel has opened big doors for her professionally. Below, read her tips about creating attention-grabbing content that can help you stand out amongst competition.

Jules Schroeder: What do you recommend for content creators who are just starting out?

Taryn Southern: Look for new platforms that are early in their growth… Read More...

Standouts in the world of online entrepreneurship — and especially influencer marketing — are few and far between. Thousands of names vie for attention. But separating the genuine article, someone with both personal passion and the ability to build brands, from the pretenders is exhausting.

Zach Benson is one of those standouts. A TEDx speaker, social-media trainer for international brands like The Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, and ViceRoy, and past participant on “So You Think You Can Dance,” Benson doesn’t just manage his own Instagram network of millions; he’s also the founder of Assistagram, where he’s guiding other influencers and Fortune 500 companies into social-media success.

Lastly, he is the founder of 6 Figure Dancer Academy, where he teaches other dancers the exact step-by-step system that he used to create a profitable 6-figure dancing business, traveling the world.

What you probably don’t know is that Benson’s childhood resembled something far closer to outright failure than the kind of wins he has experienced today.

At only 4 months old, Benson, who was born in South Korea, was adopted by his parents in the States, where he was taken home to Des Moines, Iowa. Benson was one of the very few Asian kids in his school.

Benson was bullied and abused by his peers in school due to his ethnicity.

“I remember at soccer games, kids were using racial slurs, or at elementary school kids called me China boy,” Benson said.

On top of looking different, he sounded different too. Benson was diagnosed with a speech impediment and was placed in speech therapy classes.

“I couldn’t say the letter R. Kids would tease and make fun of me so I hated public speaking...." Read More...

Did you know that your mood and energy levels have natural daily rhythms? And that because of that, you can structure your day and your tasks according to when each will be best-suited for highest outcomes?

Thanks to best-selling author Daniel Pink’s latest release WHEN: The Scientific Secrets Of Perfect Timing, he dissects the science behind the best time to do just about anything. He and I spoke to break down the best times to connect with others, to network, schedule meetings, edit out friendships, quit a job, and take in new information.

Here’s more from our conversation:

Darrah Brustein: What is the most surprising thing you learned as a result of writing this book and how has it impacted your daily choices?

Daniel Pink: That our cognitive abilities don’t remain static over the course of day, that they can change in dramatic ways, and that the best time to perform a task depends on the nature of the task. These insights reshaped my daily schedule.

Brustein: You share studies on how we edit out a large percentage of our friends as we age. Why is this and should it be something we consider doing before our 'golden years'?

Pink: The reason is that when we reach the end of something — a life or even four years in college — we begin to focus more on meaning and purpose. And that’s generally found in our inner circle of friends rather than our wider network. Having a wide and varied network is extremely helpful professionally, though, so one might want to think twice before editing out too many people. That said, I might be ahead of my years a bit — since I’ve been editing people out since I was about 25!

Brustein: We learned from your research that most people feel increasingly warm towards others in the morning, less warm in the afternoon, and warmer again in the evening. How can we use this knowledge...Read More...

I’m what you call “late” to the Instagram bandwagon.

I just created my first account a few weeks ago and I’m beginning to see why so many millennials are obsessed. Not only have I been getting more engagement with Instagram than Facebook, Twitter, or other social platforms, but it’s also helping my business.

In today’s digital world, having a big Instagram following is akin to having a prestigious resume—it’s an instant credibility boost.

Just the other day my friend Virginia Salas Kastilio, the CEO of a media firm, posted to Facebook a job offering for a speaker at an all-expenses-paid event on a private island. The only criteria? A minimum social following of 100k+.

As my friend Zach Benson put it, “When you’re at a networking event and the person you exchange business cards with sees you have a following, of everyone else they meet, they’re gonna remember you.”

Benson is himself an Instagram connoisseur, the CEO and founder of the Instagram management agency Assistagram, which has served high-end clients like The Ritz Carlton and The Four Seasons. Benson has engineered viral Instagram campaigns and boasts the ability to reliably build massive accounts from scratch in a short period of time. In the past year alone, he’s stayed at over one hundred exotic hotels for free in exchange for exposure to his Instagram travel network of 12M+. Not to mention, he’s also a professional dancer and a TEDx speaker.

For the average person, building a following on Instagram might seem like a daunting task. But to Benson, it’s all a matter of simple algorithms.

This week on the Unconventional Life Podcast, Benson shares his method for building Instagram followings fast, and leveraging your following to travel the world for free. Below, learn from Benson how easy Instagram can be and how you can enjoy its travel benefits. Read More...

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© 2018 Influencer School. This site is not a part of the Facebook website or Facebook Inc.
Additionally, this site is NOT endorsed by Facebook in any way. FACEBOOK is a trademark of FACEBOOK, Inc.