It's no accident you are here.
Let's Package Your Experience Into A $50k+/Month Personal Brand That Attracts High-Ticket Clients Consistently In Less Than 1-Hour Per Day
Let's Package Your Experience Into A Personal Brand!

If you're reading this, it's because you're part of our "inner circle" we've decided to share it with. Either you know us personally, you've been following us, or you're a part of the @askomar Instagram Family!
If you're reading this, it's because you're part of our "inner circle" we've decided to share it with. Either you know us personally, you've been following us, or you're a part of the @askomar Instagram Family!
The reason for this is that we've created something incredibly personal and dear to us that we've never done before.
We constantly get messages from people asking us to help them and teach them what we know about starting and scaling their coaching business online. 

They ask us things like:

"How do I create a strategic plan customized to me to express my work online authentically and scale my business?

"How do I structure my in person work into a high ticket online coaching/consulting program rather than trade time for money?"

"How do I develop my personal brand and social media presence to increase my brand's exposure?"

"How do I systematize my marketing so that I'm attracting and enrolling new individual executive and corporate clients consistently?"

These messages come so often that we can't possibly respond to all of them, and if we did, it wouldn't be of any real service to each individual or ourselves.
We've been wanting to create a space in which we definitively answer all of these questions with in-depth, step-by-step instructions that anyone who wanted to learn could follow.

The truth is, we've got a ton of knowledge to share based on what we've learned about building and growing our brands and from all the companies we've built online over these past ten years.

You see, if you haven't noticed already...
We Don't Operate Like Most 
Coaches Do
We Don't Operate Like Most 
Coaches Do
We’re not about packing our schedules full of one on one coaching calls or in person corporate trainings. 
We don't spend our days answering emails, pursuing clients, delivering work or taking coaching calls.

Most days, we spend our time following our highest excitement—whether that’s adventuring across the globe, hosting masterminding events in exotic locations, getting paid to speak at different conferences, interviewing influencers on our podcasts and managing our high-ticket digital products and masterminds. 
And We've Done All Of This Effortlessly, In Flow, Without Forcing Or "Trying"
And We've Done All Of This Effortlessly, In Flow, Without Forcing Or "Trying"
The lifestyle we live, where creating exponential impact and income without the hustle is accessible to you too.

Actually, it's inherent within you.

If you're having challenges with figuring out which digital growth strategy is right for you...
It's Time For You To Discover...
How to transform yourself into a trusted expert online. 

How to consciously create your personal brand and become the go-to person online in your sphere. 

How to package your knowledge into an impactful and high-ticket online coaching program. 
We've created Influencer School for those that want to scale their impact, influence, and income online. 

For those that are that are committed to contributing their unique gifts that only you have in service to the world.
The World Is Waiting For You
The World Is Waiting For You
We Believe...
You can become a Conscious Influencer: a person who intentionally creates a thriving community online around what they care about most. 

Each of us have been given a unique set of gifts and life experiences to equip us for the contribution we’re meant to provide the world. 

Like a puzzle, each of us has a piece, unlike any other, that is essential to the completion of the whole. 

Your journey, and the lessons you have learned along the way, have the capacity to inspire transformation in others and improve the quality of their lives. 

There is value in your contribution online!
There Are People Globally Who Are Waiting For You To Step Into Your Power Online
There Are People In This World Who Are Waiting For You To Step Into Your Power
This Mastermind Is Designed To Teach You How To Create Impact & Income Online Just By Being You
Either you’ve felt the calling to share your voice digitally and use your gifts to serve more globally.

Or you’re currently feeling limited in your impact and income, and are looking for a step by step digital growth strategy to structure your knowledge into an online coaching program, and generate a full sales pipeline of individual executive and corporate clients. 

Discover More In Our Masterclass 
Free Custom Business Strategy Blueprint
Schedule a Free Custom Digital Strategy Blueprint to Scale Your Coaching Business
Influencer School is a Forbes top-rated Mastermind & Community that supports executives to package their experience into a Personal Brand that attracts clients consistently. 

It is a step by step click by click field guide to the digital landscape and contains everything you need to authentically establish yourself as an expert online, structure your knowledge into an online coaching program, and generate a full sales pipeline of high-ticket individual executive or corporate clients. 

Whether you're a beginner online, or already have some things going, this program will equip you with the tools you need to thrive, systematize and scale your impact and income.
We mentor and provide every coach with a strong foundation to build their brand and the ability to scale with integrity and ease.
Our mission with Influencer School is to empower the next generation of executive coaches to become the global leaders they were born to be, so that they can raise the consciousness of the globe with their powerful work.
If you want to learn how to scale your impact and be rewarded with a freedom-based lifestyle, then Influencer School is for you. 

Our ideal registrants fall into one of these 2 categories:
Influencer School is perfect for coaches who are starting out. Our curriculum will walk you from the basics all the way through the advanced concepts.

From authentically developing your brand identity to creating a website, to growing a social media following, you will learn everything you need to know to take your business into the online sphere and grow your impact globally. 

It is your complete, all-in-one guide to building a personal brand online, from the ground up. 

There will be plenty of space to ask questions, collaborate with others, and receive individual support on our weekly calls & in our private Facebook Group.
If you're already a successful coach, and you're looking to scale, Influencer School can provide the missing pieces you need to create even more impact, influence, and income.
If you're feeling stuck or experiencing a plateau, our program will help you transcend your limits and reach your highest potential through walking you through the step by step process to structure your knowledge into a high-ticket digital product, and generate a full sales pipeline.
Let's Package Your Experience Into A Personal Brand That Attracts Clients Consistently 
Step 1: Business D.N.A. Blueprint®: Create A Clearly Defined Online Business Strategy Blueprint Customized To You

- Get crystal clear on how you uniquely create value in the digital market with our framework
-Pick the an audience that lights you up!
- Leverage your Business D.N.A. Blueprint®  and develop a Mission Statement so you can command higher fees and distinguish your offering from competitors
- Position yourself as an expert in your niche through identifying your proprietary approach and create your own unique methodology
- Craft your offer
- Test everything online to get feedback and iterate/improve until product-market fit is achieved
- Structure your knowledge and experience into an online coaching program prototype 
- Choose your delivery: 1:1 high-ticket coaching, group coaching or digital training 

Step 2: Sign Your First 3 Clients 

- On social media with no audience implement the organic enrollment formula to start growing your following & pre-selling your offer
- Position yourself as the go to expert online through authentically creating high converting content that speaks to your audience
- Take a stranger on social media and convert them into a paid client on one phone call in 12 steps 
- This will ultimately increase your brand’s exposure and allow you to generate multiple clients online

Step 3: Automate New Client Enrollment: The Masterclass Funnel 

- Learn the essential elements you need to elegantly establish credibility and social proof online
- Install all the different tools and technology to run your business like a well oiled machine
- Install your website in a few hours with no tech experience needed
- Install your Masterclass Funnel and customize your e-mail marketing campaign with our formula 
- This is where things get real and your enrollment numbers start to grow

Step 4: Turn Your Knowledge Into A Digital Product

- In this module we discuss the new model of coaching and how it differs from the traditional model
- Identify your proof of concept — something that is essential to shift your business to the new model
- Systematize your delivery, design your system, create and record content, set up the portal and community, and run program operations
- Components: Training, Q&A Group Coaching, Online Community 
- Individual or Corporate Clients will be able to learn from you while you’re not physically there
- This allows you to evolve from 1:1 coaching and leverage technology to support more clients and teams

Step 5:  Position Yourself As The Go-To Person By Becoming A Content Hub
- Choose the most effective channel(s) to release your content and become the go-to content hub within your niche
- Pair your natural assets with the channel that’s going to generate the most engagement
- Generate traffic to your content, scale your content and implement quality control
- Enroll top talent to create content for you for free and design an accountability structure around publishing your content on time each week
- Develop your email list and eventually offer your paid programs to that audience

Step 6:  Driving Traffic Through The Masterclass Funnel

- Learn our "DNA Strand Methodology” for attracting clients
- We reveal our secrets about the social media algorithms and how we consistently enroll high ticket clients for our coaching programs
- Learn how to setup your new client acquisition system and find clients online where others are not looking
- This will be the most valuable new client acquisition training you will ever see

Step 7:  Awakening The Conscious Influencer Within

- Tap into deep presence and create content from your truth 
- Realign your life internally and externally — feel ready to fully step into leading your movement online
- Activate your self expression and open to your intuition and receive guided action 
- Learn to say "no" to the things that don't matter in order to create space for the things you want most
- Contraction vs. Expansion: Unlock your body's wisdom to feel alignment vs. misalignment

Step 8: Implementing The 1-Hour Workday with High Vibe Automation 

 -Evaluate parts of your business you can automate with human resources and technology  
- Build a powerful team around you
- Create a talent machine that supports you in fully activating your vision in the world
- Learn the stages of team evolution and the power of the internal brand
- Set up the systems, tools and workflows to hire and manage your entire team

Step 9: Building Your Ultimate Program 

- Evaluate your existing coaching program and evolve it into a more polished comprehensive digital product
- Utilize the feedback from your existing clients to improve and simplify your curriculum 
- Create the ultimate program: the quality of your content is paramount, and you’ll also focus on design and create a product that people tell their colleagues about 

Brought To You By @Askomar
Omar started from scratch and illuminates the path for you to create your own $50k+/Month Personal Brand.
Omar Hassam has been an Executive and Leadership Coach for 17 years. He launched his first 6-figure company online at 12 and helped grow his family's business to 7-figures at 19.
For fun he's a speaker and fashion designer who's built wardrobes for executives and diplomats as well as spoken in over 24 countries and shared the stage with Fortune 500 CEO’s.

His Instagram channel reaches over 100,000 people each week in over 75 different countries and this mission is simple:

To inspire executives to package their experience into a Personal Brand & create a life by their own design, where their greatest source of happiness is also their greatest source of income.

In 2022 he was recognized as one of the top executive coaches leading the sphere of personal brand transformation by Forbes Magazine.

Get ready as Omar shares his formula on how to build a purpose-driven personal brand that attracts steady streams of high-ticket clients consistently in less than 1-hour per day. 

IG: askomar (100,000 followers)
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Discover More In Our Free Masterclass
Learn More In Our Free Masterclass
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